It Only Seems Like Forever

It only seems like forever. But January will see the release of the Gena Rowlands Band's "La Merde et Les Etoiles." This disc has been years in the making. Several labels have pursued it, then dropped it. Apparently no one knows what to make of it - except Autoclave and Lujo. Perhaps if you quiz me in just the right way I'll reveal the shocking list of labels who tried to wrap their heads around it but couldn't. These are labels whose names you definitely know and probably respect. Me, I don't think there's anything that crazy about these songs.

Yesterday I made a list of all the half-finished songs I've been working on. They break down into two basic kinds which I mentally label "mersh" and "kamikaze." The mersh songs are straightforward, a little rootsy, immediately graspable. They're good. Then the kamaikaze songs are unconventional, challenging, spacious, seditious, moving. They're good. There's enough for two albums. Not sure what to do about that.

But a recent tour with The Out_Circuit fired me up to play shows. That's where it's at, that magical hour, not this tedious record biz crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider yourself quizzed.

How did Lujo and Autoclave come by you? And how does one pronounce "lujo"?

3:27 PM  

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