Shadows and Fog

It's 11:24 p.m. and one might think a jaunt down 13th Street to the only bar in the neighborhood might be in order. Funny thing about bars, though: they're full of expectations dragged in by their patrons, and those expectations are seldom met or exceeded. And that's why they're bars, not museums or churches. Frankly, just knowing there's a bar in the neighborhood is comfort enough. Wasn't always the case. Although the bar in question used to be for black, gay, middle aged men before a (straight) couple bought it. Like the Kennedy Center or the Met, its clientele was dying off. Now it's got a better jukebox (note to Met management: Gerard Mortier is coming for your children...).

Expectations get dragged into the Met and the Kennedy Center too, but the beer's not so good there. Hence all the uptight people. While I'm sure a lot of important spiritual work gets done in those alabaster edifices, it's probably all an accident. No one believes they might get saved at the Met. Not anymore. Now it's all queens who believe they're Marie Antoinette, shrieking at the poor soprano who slurs the high note, "LET HER EAT CAKE." Meanwhile, the kids are fingering their whetstones.

But people the world over are getting saved in bars. You think I'm kidding? Why do you think Saturday comes before Sunday? Because all the important fact-finding missions take place in bars on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning the business gets done.

We shan't discuss Monday through Friday. Shadows and fog.

Please welcome the Gena Rowlands Band's first full-length release into this cruel world: "La Merde et Les Etoiles" will be available in stores and from iTunes on JANUARY 25, 2005. (Though rumor tells of rogue copies available... now?)

Please tell your friends. We'd like to meet them too.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you're keeping busy. Query--if you've got any obscure Arvo Part, and I hope I'm recalling your interest correctly--I'm trying to find an MP3 of his "Fratres" for violin and piano. All I've got is two versions with full orchestration, and I'm trying to interest my obscenely talented young Korean church pianist in playing some Part in liturgy. Very selfish of me...

Peace, Rev. Dave

10:15 PM  

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