Greetings from Tularosa

Different house, different street, different view from my window. Now it's a lemon tree and some famous hills. Hummingbirds. A dependably blue sky. Sometimes I miss the view down 13th Street at night, but the skyline is dazzling from my new hilltop.

The Gena Rowlands Band will release a second full-length album on March 14, 2006, God willing. It's a collaboration with NYC's Anti-Social Music. They're a bunch of misfit composers and classical players who also tour in rock bands (The Hold Steady, Ida, John Langford, Gutbucket) and generally raise hell. The album is called THE NITRATE HYMNAL, taken from the crazy multimedia opera of the same name that we put on a couple years back. Together, the GRB and ASM reworked the music and recorded it in a caffeine-induced flurry of activity. Look for it on Lujo Records.

The record includes the vocal talents of Andy Zipf, Susan Oetgen, and Hai-Ting Chinn. All amazing to hear.

And this summer the GRB will record our third record, hopefully. We're holing up in Austin a week before SXSW to nail down the new songs. And the plan is to record with Chad Clark again, maybe in his fancy new studio-to-be in DC.

THE NITRATE HYMNAL is gonna throw some people. But wait til you hear our third record. I guarantee no one will see it coming.

Write and say hello. We like that.