August = Loot empty homes of the idle rich.

June was hot as blazes in Washington, DC and New York City, where the GRB recorded a new full-length (#3) and played some shows to celebrate the release of our second record, The Nitrate Hymnal.

July passed without major incident, unless you count the Los Angeles debut of the GRB at Tangier, a lyrical javelin in the heart of the beast. Or something.

And August... the northern hemisphere is a ghost town in August as the well-to-do flood the beachier regions of the world. (The GRB stays home and loots their mansions.)

September will see the new album (recorded by TJ Lipple) mixed by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya. September will also include the creation of visual accompaniment for the songs "Fuccups of the World Unite" and "Love, For Lack of a Lesser Word" (listen to this one on our MySpace page). Okay, they're videos. What?

Have we mentioned the crack team who played on the new record?

Dig it, if you will:

Thunderstick: Eric Axelson (whom you may know from Maritime and The Dismemberment Plan)

Drums: Vin Novara (percussionist extraordinaire from Canyon and CrownHateRuin)

Keys: David "The" Durst (he of many GRB tours and recordings, and Maritime, and Fast Eddie)

Violin: Jean Cook (again, GRB native and member of Beauty Pill, Ida, Jenny Toomey, Jon Langford's bands, et al.)

Guitar: Jason Caddell (again, The Dismemberment Plan, former excellent roommate, and current kickass producer)

Singing and shredding and carousing: R. Foolheart Massey XIV ("quatorze")

It must be noted that Mssrs Lipple and Clark are mothereffin' masters of the tricky art of making mildly talented songwriters sound like magical mad geniuses.


Bob M.


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