The 2007 Summer Jam?

It's summer!

Where I come from back in The Nation's Swamp the advent of summer always meant one thing:

We must determine the identity of The Summer Jam.

Generally, The Summer Jam identifies its own self. Because it's blasting out of every other car window, dorm window, jukebox, iPod earbud, and cheesy reality show. Which also means usually it's some flavor of commercial R&B. Kelis or J. Timberlake or whatever.

But some years there is controversy. A battle royale between Summer Jam contenders. Right now I think my friends can't decide between Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" and R. Kelly's "I'm a Flirt," with some stiff competition from Akon and/or Robin Thicke.

If your tastes run more to indie stuff, check out this summer mix tape (uh, of MP3s) compiled by The Burnside Writers Collective. You may notice a familiar song or two there.

Because as a rule The GRB is wrong about most things at first and needs to have its head smacked a time or two before it sinks in, feel encouraged to post the REAL identity of the 2007 Summer Jam right here.



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