Endless Summer

It's about to be November in the endless summer of Southern California. You can tell because the mosquitos are gone and sales of hoodies are up. The windows have remained open for the last 13 months. This is the way life should be.

Mixes from the new album are pinging into the inbox (as mixed by TJ Lipple and Chad Clark at Silver Sonya). Two great directors (David Wilson, Scott Teems) are envisioning to film the new songs "Fuccups of the World Unite" and "Love, For Lack of a Lesser Word" (listen to this one on our MySpace page). New members are being added to the fold. Shows are being booked.

Have we mentioned the crack team who played on the new record?

Dig it, if you will:

Thunderstick: Eric Axelson (whom you may know from Maritime and The Dismemberment Plan)

Drums: Vin Novara (percussionist extraordinaire from Canyon and CrownHateRuin)

Keys: David "The" Durst (he of many GRB tours and recordings, and Maritime, and Fast Eddie)

Violin: Jean Cook (again, GRB native and member of Beauty Pill, Ida, Jenny Toomey, Jon Langford's bands, et al.)

Guitar: Jason Caddell (again, The Dismemberment Plan, former excellent roommate, and current kickass producer)

Singing and shredding and carousing: R. Foolheart Massey XIV ("quatorze")

The album is slated for release on April 3, 2007.

Cheers, Bob M.